Junu Kadariya

Sales associate

Concord, NH

Locally Known. Nationally Recognized. Globally Respected.

About Junu Kadariya

I was born and raised in a small town in Nepal. I moved to the US in 2002 in pursuit of a better life. I have been living in NH for the past 14 years with my husband and a ten year old son. I have worked in the human service field with various agencies throughout the state for over a decade. I have also been working as a professional interpreter for the Language bank in Concord, NH for over ten years now.

Working as an interpreter, my sole focus has always been in helping my clients better communicate their needs to the concerned party and help them fulfill their needs. Customer service and customer satisfaction has always been my goal and I have fulfilled it to the utmost satisfaction of my clients. 

I am a very hard working, friendly and compassionate individual who is always ready to face new challenges. My long successful professional career in a variety of fields has given me an added advantage and enhanced my confidence to greater heights. I am very excited to start my new career as a realtor. I am committed to serving my clients to make their home buying and selling process as smooth as possible. Using my knowledge and resources my ultimate goal is to provide the best service my clients desire and deserve.

“Junu is a very compassionate, goal oriented and optimistic individual. Once she puts her mind into something she will put in every effort to accomplish it. She is a very reliable and trustworthy person. She is very professional when it comes to work. She would go above and beyond to help out anyone whether it be her friends or colleagues. She is a family oriented, responsible and very charismatic person who deals with any situation of life with patience and due diligence. With all the qualities she has, we are confident that she will be a very successful realtor and a realtor that every client would want to come to purchase their dream home” said long time friends and successful business owners of Bunny's Superette & Bunny’s Convenience in Manchester, Pramod Nyaupane and Bibhuti Thapa.

“Junu is a very detail oriented, hard working individual with a great personality. She has excellent people’s skills. She is approachable and is always willing to help. During her employment with the Language Bank (past ten years) we have always heard more than positive feedback about her skills, willingness to go any extra miles and help those in need” said Alen Omerbegovic, Manager of Language Bank, NH

“I’m confident that because of her personality and how her perseverance shines through, she will be successful in selling houses. Although she is new to the real estate business, she has experience in other fields of work that are similar. She has served many people while being an interpreter for Language Bank, and always addresses their needs and wants. This skill will definitely shine through when selling houses because she knows how to analyze a situation and knows how to satisfy their needs.” Said my niece, Sabrina Kadariya